Recorded During Shooting of Awakening in Taos

Blue Spruce Standing Deer: Tony Lujan’s Great -Grandson

Pba-Quen-Nee-e, aka Blue Spruce Standing Deer, is the adopted great- grandson of Tony Lujan, husband to Mabel Dodge. Having grown up at Taos Pueblo and in the home of Tony and Mabel, Standing Deer brings insights into Tony’s character and the intimate nature of his marriage.

Rena Rosequist: Gallerist, Mission Gallery, Taos

Mission Light Gallery owner Rena Rosequist talks about the legacy of Mabel Dodge Luhan with an “It’s a wonderful life” analogy that asks the question, “What would Taos have been like if Mabel had never moved there in 1917?” Rosequist looks at the impact one individual can have on the growth of an art colony.

Gerald Peters: Gallerist, Santa Fe

Art Consultant Gerald Peters reminisces about his relationship as a dealer for Georgia O’Keeffe during the last years of her life. He also talks about the respective art colonies of Santa Fe and Taos.

Elmo Baca: Author: Mabel’s Santa Fe and Taos

Author and cultural historian Elmo Baca places Mabel Dodge Luhan in the cultural and political milieu as she arrives in 1917.

Donna Pettine: Mabel Dodge Luhan’s Friend

Donna remembers how Mabel, Tony and Frank Waters worked for 30 years for the return of Taos Pueblo’s Sacred Blue Lake.

Nat Owings: Gallerist, Santa Fe

Art dealer Nat Owings talks about Modernism and minmalism in the art of the Southwest.

Senator Fred Harris: Return of Blue Lake

Senator Fred Harris speaks about his participation in the creation and implementation of legislation that resulted in the return of 45,000 acres and the sacred Blue Lake to the Taos Pueblo.

Bobbie Kilberg: Nixon White House Fellow

Bobbie Kilberg was a Nixon White House Fellow in 1970. She recounts how Richard Nixon signed legislation that returned Taos Pueblo’s Blue Lake and 45,000 acres of land to the Tiwa people.

Barbara Waters

Barbara Waters remembers her late husband, the author Frank Waters, and his friendship with Tony Lujan.

Art Bachrach: D.H. Lawrence in Taos

Art Bachrach is the author of D.H. Lawrence in New Mexico: The time is different there. He talks about why Mabel Dodge Luhan invited Lawrence to Taos.

Aaron Payne: Santa Fe Art Dealer

Aaron Payne talks about Modern artists in New Mexico and the importance of Alfred Stieglitz and John Marin.

MaLin Wilson-Powell: Art Historian

Malin Wilson-Powell discusses the relationships between Mabel Dodge Luhan and various modern photographers.

Standing Deer’s Tiwa blessing

A Tiwa blessing from Standing Deer.