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Awakening In Taos, Mabel Doge Luhan’s life story, is a powerful and exciting story that needs to be told, and the time to tell it is now.

The wide distribution of this story on PBS will be great publicity for New Mexico. It will increase the arrival of informed tourists and foster the economic growth of a sustainable New Mexico film industry.

  • This film is about the history of women’s rights, and advocacy for indigenous peoples’ rights, social justice and the protection of sacred tribal lands.
  • Dodge attracted the giants of modern art and literature and hosted them at her compound in Taos: (D. H. Lawrence, Ansel Adams, and Georgia O’Keeffe to name a few.)  Dodge made huge contributions to the art community, befriended and supported artists and craftsmen. She even donated the first hospital in Taos, Holy Cross, who are big supporters of this film.
  • Awakening In Taos involves a love story that transcends race, culture and traditions. It is about a marriage that embraced the mystical and spiritual; and explores a way of being that unites people, embraces nature and follows a heartfelt path.
  • The free-thinking values of Dodge’s salons in Florence, Paris, Greenwich Village and Taos offer a different approach to conflict. Dodge discovered that when people were encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas freely with each other, their differences and conflicts disappeared.
  • Dodge was a pioneer in her time. Many women support this project because they want to share Dodge’s story with their daughters, in order witness a strong role model.
  • The film is more than a story about one woman’s life: It has profound messages and reminders about the delicate nature of our condition as human beings.

We have a very short window of opportunity to complete Awakening in Taos in 2015, and to have the film shown via through PBS nationally to a potential audience of 122 million viewers. We are in the process of raising $100,000 to complete the project. We are scheduled to finish this film in 2015, and your generous tax-deductible donations to our non-profit arts foundation will help us cross that finish line. We hope that you will feel inspired to become a part of our Awakening In Taos team.

Awakening in Taos is a project of parent organization, and non-profit, 501(c)(3) Recursos de Santa Fe, a non-profit that is a strong supporter of New Mexico’s independent films. Gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.