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Our Business Sponsors

A special thank you to our business sponsors for making Awakening in Taos possible.
Please click on the logos below to visit their websites. 

If you would like to become a business sponsor please visit our support us page

Executive Producer’s Circle

Gifts of $25,000 +

Producer’s Circle

Gifts of $10,000

Director’s Circle

Gifts of $5,000

Co-Producer’s Circle

Gifts of $2,500

Cinematographer’s Circle

Gifts of $1,000

Cinematographer’s Circle

Gifts of $1,000

The Harwood Museum of Art

Laura Shields Photography

Michael Wigley Gallery

Ouray Fine Art Gallery

The Owings Gallery

Aaron Payne Fine Art

New Mexico Film Foundation

The Taos News

Zaplin Lampbert Gallery

Oculus Botwin Eye Group